Hannah Eriksen pregnancy dietitian

Hannah Eriksen

New Zealand Registered Dietitian

Hannah loves nutrition so much she studied it at University for eight years – in both the United States and New Zealand. In the States she came to experience first-hand how food can shape our identities. What we like, how we eat, when and why we eat are all individual and shaped by our culture and upbringing. 

Having lived in four different countries, Hannah has an appreciation for the weird and wonderful palate. She practices hospitality as a form of social glue and enjoys concocting the tastiest meals when she goes multi-day hiking. 

Hannah is passionate about the impact that good nutrition can have on families: mum, dad and bubs. That the benefits go on to influence the health of future generations makes Hannah’s work so rewarding. It is Hannah’s dream that every mum will see a dietitian on her journey to motherhood.

Hannah Eriksen pregnancy dietitian

Shona Gomes

New Zealand Registered Dietitian

Shona has joined the Oh Goodness! Nutrition team with a passion to help as many people as possible to optimise their nutrition, conceive and have healthy pregnancies. 

Shona has a particular interest in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome because she has seen how much it can affect women’s lives, and how much nutrition can make a difference. Born in India and raised in New Zealand, she loves to find ways to make your favourite cultural dishes as nourishing as possible!



nutrition coaching

How should I eat best for me and baby?

One-on-one nutrition coaching gives you the peace of mind, support, accountability and tools you need to nourish yourself, your growing baby and be in the best position for recovery after birth. 


speaking & media

Let’s share the knowledge we have

The more people who are informed to make the best nutritional choices for themselves and their baby, the better! Hannah is an experienced speaker and is available for media comment. 

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