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before, during and after pregnancy

Thinking about having a baby?

Many women want to get their body and health in the best shape before and during pregnancy. But all the information they find on the internet is confusing and they’re left wondering how to make it work in their life.

Getting in the best shape may mean shifting a few stubborn kilos, finding sustainable ways to make healthy food choices or just getting reassurance that they’re making the best food choices to support conception and pregnancy. 

To feel confident and excited about pregnancy you need easy-to-understand nutrition information tailored to make it work in your life. Maybe you’ve tried changing how you eat in the past, but nothing’s lasted.

You deserve an expert guide to help you get your body in the best shape for making a healthy baby!

The best way to overcome your nutrition confusion is to sit down with an expert and get the personalised nutrition information and support you need to feel confident and excited about having a healthy baby!

Before, during and after pregnancy.



My husband and I tried to get pregnant for a long time and nothing was working. It was frustrating and heartbreaking. 

As a dietitian, I was doing my own research into what could make our journey easier but knew I needed to dig in deeper. 

When we did finally manage to conceive, my focus turned to making sure this very much-wanted baby had the best start in life possible. 

It was my journey that prompted me to use my training as a dietitian to specialise as a certified fertility and pregnancy dietitian and to grow Oh Goodness! Nutrition with a mind to help as many people as possible. 

There’s so much information out there but it’s hard to see how you can make it work within your own lifestyle. 

Now we help those who are wanting to conceive get the practical, easy-to-apply nutrition advice they needed to prepare and support their body before conception. And have the best journey through their pregnancy and after bubs is born. 

How to Get your Personalised advice

Step One: Book a virtual appointment

Get your baby-making and pregnancy questions answered

Step Two: Get a personalised nutrition plan

Tailored to your lifestyle, goals, food preferences and pregnancy stage

Step Three: Are you ready for baby?

Feel confident you’re doing all you can for a healthy pregnancy!

Whatever stage you’re at, there is expert personalised advice available to you:


Book an appointment today so that you can lose a few kilos before the baby arrives, have a healthy pregnancy, and know you’re doing the right thing for you and bubs, nourishing both. It’s so important that you feel confident during pregnancy; where you feel in control, happy with your body and can stop wondering whether you’re doing the right things or not!



“Hannah makes nutrition super accessible and adaptable. The changes she suggested fitted seamlessly into my life and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. I’m enjoying food and fuelling my day to day life without the stress or guilt I felt before about food choices.”

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come clean about my unhealthy habits without any judgement or fear of embarrassment, I feel so much lighter and motivated to keep going with getting healthier habits implemented.

– KR

Hannah is so knowledgeable and easy going – and I got a lot out of our Skype session!

– EH

Down to earth, actionable and sustainable nutrition advice and recommendations. Real food for real people based on real research. Would recommend an appointment with Hannah at Oh Goodness to anyone looking to improve their grocery shop habits, relationship with food or energy levels.

– AL

Hannah is great! She is determined to find the solution for you as an individual and helps guide you every step of the way. I was so scared of facing my allergies with certain food and how to avoid them, but Hannah has made every step so easy and with so much care. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially the endo community! 😊

– CL

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